Forgot to renew my hosting but I caught it right away and the site was back up and running right quickly!

Inventory is updated and everything is back in stock. Have a few more batches to get through the polisher and then there will be even more in stock.

If I am out of a specific model here you can alway go to the dealers section and find a music store near you or, if none in your area, check out one of the online retailers.

If you find one of the dealers listed is no longer around or does not carry the Acoustic Strap Secure anymore please let me know so I can update the list.

Rock on!

Customer Testimonial

I get emails quite often praising the Acoustic Strap Secure. Here is one from a couple weeks ago:

Comment: Finally!
I’ve been fighting with Fishman end pins for two or three years now ,both on my Fender and my Rainsong, Your design is brillant and the milling is perfect. I purchased your original brass and they are exceptional, no more losing control of my guitar while on stage. and making the quick grab trying to avoid disaster. When I find a nickle one I will be grabbing it as well, it will look sharp on the Rainsong. I’m a happy musician again
Patrick O.

It’s cold outside!

Winter is here! It has been cold in the shop. Have been working on getting a wood stove installed in my shop but it’s been a slow process, hopefully before winter is over.
In the meantime I’ve had to invest in bucket heaters to thaw out my circulation tanks for my vibratory tumble polishers. I have everything in stock but it has been a slow process having to wait for everything to thaw. Will have quantities updated on the Purchase page right soon, so if you have been trying to buy your Acoustic Strap Secure, check back soon.

Stay warm!
Marc @ Acoustic Strap Secure

Cold Weather

It has been cold at my shop! If you have tried purchasing and got the “out of stock” message I apologize. I actually have everything in stock but have not been able to process them do to the below freezing temps. Hope to get some tank heaters and get them processed very soon. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Should have a new product for sale early next year, so check back on that!

Merry Christmas!

Spokane Fall Folk Festival – Sale

Today and tomorrow, November 12-13, I will be at the annual Folk Festival at Spokane Community College. I will be at the Inland Northwest Luthiers Association tables. I will have Acoustic Strap Secure for $10! That’s more than 50% off! This is on in stock merchandise and at the show only. Cash or check only.

Link to Folk Fest website: http://www.spokanefolkfestival.org

See you there!

International Dealers

If you didn’t know Acoustic Strap Secure has made its way around the world! One of our newest dealers is in Germany! Go check them out:

– Martin’s Musik-Kiste – Germany

To find out about more international dealers and distributors or to find a domestic retailer in your neck of the woods go here. Follow the state or international link at the top of the page to find a dealer near you!

Sold Out

Hit by a ton of orders this past month! I’m low on inventory but this means that a shop near you may carry the Acoustic Strap Secure now.

New shops in Canada and Washington.

A large shipment is headed off to Taiwan.

The stainless steel mini models have been a huge hit.

Thank you all for helping make this happen!